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How To Successfully Work From Home


Lisa Kanarek, a home office expert, author and founder of, suggests you designate a specific place for a home office--and store all work-related files, reference materials and supplies there.


Seven Tips To Get More Social Media Followers

Amy Jo Martin, founder of social media consultancy Digital Royalty and author of Renegades Write The Rules, says the best way to build a social media following is through sharing. She provides the following tips on how to provide quality content and build out your network.


How to recover data from a dead or erased hard drive

Hard drive

I have a hard drive with valuable information on it, but I can't seem to access it — the drive is either damaged or erased. Is there any way I can see what's on the drive and get it off?


How to tell the kids about death

How to explain the loss of a pet to your child.


ASUS Zenbook: How to Disable PowerWiz Gadget from Booting Up on Startup

ASUS Zenbook

I’ve had the ASUS Zenbook for a couple months now. One of the most annoying things to me was all these gadgets that came with the laptop. They appear on the desktop. I don’t know about you, but I like my desktop free of stuff. I was able to disable every gadget except for PowerWiz.

I was looking all over the web for an answer because it’s increasingly annoying that I have to disable the gadget whenever I boot up the laptop.


Really Simple Search: The Job Search Tool You Should Be Using

RSS Feeds

Everyone’s heard the expression: Job searching is a full time job. But it isn’t until you find yourself sitting in front of a laptop, eating take-out, and scrolling job sites night after night that you realize how much of your life becomes consumed by the search. It takes time to find the right position. And yes, it’s a lot of work. But, like anything, there are things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself.


How to Remove Your Google Web History Before The New Privacy Policy Change [Google]

Google recently announced it was unifying its privacy policies and would be sharing the data it collects about users between all of its products, starting March 1st. That means your web searches and sites you visit will be combined with other Google products like Google Plus and YouTube. If you'd rather avoid that, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reminds us you can remove your Google search history and stop it from being recorded.


How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool for measuring your website's traffic and engagement. Here's an overview of the core features and the metrics you should be paying close attention to.


How to spot a liar in 20 seconds flat

A little snap judgment goes a long way toward making friends: According to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, all it takes is 20 seconds to decide whether or not a stranger is trustworthy.


Another Company Changes Their Strategy Because of Google's Panda Update

Another Company Changes Their Strategy Because of Google's Panda Update

Demand Media, a content farm targeted by Google's Panda Update, is shifting focus from text to video. On its flagship site eHow, it's producing less written content and more how-to videos, moving from one ecosystem into another.


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