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Microsoft made mistakes in early mobile strategy: Bill Gates

Microsoft Corp Chairman Bill Gates said he was not satisfied with the company's pace of innovation over the last few years, and that it had mishandled its early mobile strategy.


Bits Blog: Google Unveils Superfast Internet in Kansas City, Mo.

Google Fiber

Google unveiled Fiber, its long-awaited Internet service that it says will operate at a speed 100 times faster than a typical broadband connection, in Kansas City. The company, which says it is trying to spur innovation, has put broadband providers on edge.


New portable device that can 'see through walls'

 Compressed Sensing Imager

It's the stuff of science fiction - the ability to see through walls and other solid objects, in real-time. But thanks to an enterprising group of University of Wollongong students, that's now possible - cape and tights optional. Alex Seng, Matthew Kitchener, Wenbin Shao, Jie Yang and Yhenxin Feng's work on the aptly-named Compressed Sensing Imager, or CSI, recently gained them a national innovation award.


How To Make Everyone Work As A Team

A conversation with James Quigley, chief executive of Deloitte. Leadership is the art of enabling people to work collectively so that they can create results that they couldn't obtain alone. In the old days, people in large corporations understood this in terms of hierarchical command and control. In today's interconnected world, such an approach fails to produce the innovation and results you need.


How Netflix Innovates and Wins

How Netflix Innovates and Wins

Netflix illustrates a design principle that any company aspiring to succeed at disruptive innovation must adopt. It has four parts:

1. Think Big
2. Start Small
3. Fail Quickly
4. Scale Fast


Critics say top-rated Chinese education system has a flaw

Critics say top-rated Chinese education system has a flaw

Critics say the Chinese education system, though tops in test-taking, has a shortfall in producing students who are innovative and creative.


Dow Touches 12,000; First Time Since 2008

Dow Touches 12,000; First Time Since 2008

Some investors found reasons to be optimistic in Mr. Obama’s proposal to cut corporate taxes and increase spending for education, innovation and infrastructure.


President Pushes Innovation, Education in State of the Union

President Pushes Innovation, Education in State of the Union

President Obama invoked the space race with the Soviet Union to challenge Congress to rise above partisanship and work with him to usher in a new age of American innovation in his State of the Union address Tuesday.


Capitalism's Fundamental Flaw

The system isn't rewarding the right people: innovators and creators.


Four Ways to Build a New Open Infrastructure

Digital marketing expert Lance Weiler joins the fray with a modest proposal for how the film industry should embrace innovation as it faces the digital future: Where the industry goes from here is going to require a rethinking of the infrastructure that supports it.


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