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Steve Jobs Broke Every Leadership Rule. Don't Try It Yourself.

Joe Nocera observes in The New York Times today that Steve Jobs violated every rule of management. He was not a consensus-builder but a dictator who listened mainly to his own intuition. He was a maniacal micromanager. He had an astonishing aesthetic sense, which businesspeople almost always lack. He could be absolutely brutal in meetings: ...


How To Make Everyone Work As A Team

A conversation with James Quigley, chief executive of Deloitte. Leadership is the art of enabling people to work collectively so that they can create results that they couldn't obtain alone. In the old days, people in large corporations understood this in terms of hierarchical command and control. In today's interconnected world, such an approach fails to produce the innovation and results you need.


Gen. McChrystal to teach leadership at Yale

Yale University says it has hired retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal to teach a graduate level seminar on leadership on its New Haven, Conn., c ...


2 former UK govt ministers challenge Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faced a challenge to his leadership Wednesday from within his own Labour Party, months before a national election that disaffected Labour supporters believe he is sure to lose.


Obama rolls into week of high diplomatic stakes

Obama rolls into week of high diplomatic stakes

The unrelenting global troubles confronting Barack Obama are about to converge on him all at once, providing a stern test of leadership for a first-year president who has pledged to "change the world."


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