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Diverted: JetBlue flier 'unruly' because seatmate paid less


A cross-country JetBlue flight diverted to Denver after a passenger reportedly became unruly because a flier moved to a seat next to her paid less for the seat.


JetBlue, Hilton and Papa John's top customer satisfaction survey


The latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index survey shows airlines as a group posting their highest score in a decade, hotels holding steady, and limited-service restaurants catching up with full-service ones for the first time.


JetBlue apologizes to fliers stranded for hours

JetBlue Airways has apologized and refunded airfares to passengers who were stranded for seven hours Saturday on a plane grounded at Bradley Airport, near Hartford, Conn.


US skier tossed off team over in-flight urination

The U.S. Ski Team has dismissed an 18-year-old member of its development squad after he was accused of getting drunk and then urinating on a fellow passenger aboard a JetBlue flight.


Stun gun found on JetBlue plane

Authorities are investigating how a stun gun ended up on a JetBlue aircraft in New Jersey on Friday night.


Box cutters found on JetBlue flight

The Transportation Security Administration is facing criticism after three box cutters were discovered aboard a JetBlue flight at New York's JFK airport on Saturday.


After Rant, Many See JetBlue Worker as Hero

Most of us will probably never pull a Steven Slater: curse out a customer, grab a drink and leave our place of employment in a blaze of glory.

But let’s face it, we’ve all had the urge.

Slater, a flight attendant on JetBlue, instantly became a folk hero in many people’s eyes Monday after he grabbed a microphone and ranted at a passenger who had refu


NY judge grants bail for angry flight attendant

A judge granted bail for a flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger on an airplane public-address system, grabbing some beer from the galley and exiting on an emergency slide ...


Fed-Up Flight Attendant Makes Sliding Exit

Fed-Up Flight Attendant Makes Sliding Exit

A JetBlue flight attendant unleashed a tirade, pulled the emergency-exit chute and fled Kennedy International Airport.

Senh: It's always those unruly passengers who refuse to obey the rules. I'm on the side of the flight attendant here. It's a thankless job. What are you supposed to do when a passenger refuses to obey the rules? I was on a flight once when a family just decided to seat wherever they wanted and refuse to move even though those seats belong to another family. The flight attendant took care of that by asking the other family if they mind seating elsewhere; they reluctantly obliged after some arguing with the unruly family. The jerk won, but bad karma's gonna get him eventually.


Survey: Alaska Airlines, JetBlue tops

Survey: Alaska Airlines, JetBlue tops

Air travelers seem to be constantly complaining about fees, the lack of service and cramped seats on flights, but surprisingly their level of satisfaction with airlines is on the rise, a new survey finds.


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