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In Transit Blog: The Red One, Next to the Fiat

Lamborgini - NY Times

The Hertz Corporation recently expanded its Supercar rental offerings in Europe, increasing the number of cars and models available in Britain and Spain, and adding Italy, France and (beginning in April) the Netherlands, to the countries where the premium cars can be rented. Renters can now choose brands including McLaren, Lamborghini (shown) and Aston Martin. What European financial crisis?


France hunting fraudsters in horsemeat scandal

Europe's horsemeat scandal is spreading, as French consumer safety authorities say companies from Romania, Cyprus and the Netherlands were part of a supply chain that resulted in horsemeat being disguised as beef in frozen lasagna sold around the continent.


Dutch queen gives up throne in favor of son

Beatrix, queen of the Netherlands, addressed the nation on television and radio on Monday afternoon, announcing that she would abdicate the throne in favor of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander.


Dutch, Britons, Germans warned to leave Benghazi


Britain, Germany and the Netherlands urged their citizens to immediately leave the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Thursday in response to what they called an imminent threat against Westerners....


Apple loses German patent case v Samsung, Motorola

A German court has dismissed Apple Inc.'s claim that Samsung Electronics and Google Inc.'s Motorola Mobility infringed patents used in touch-screen devices. The Mannheim state court's ruling Friday follows similar decisions in Britain and the Netherlands.


Hijack scare, WWII bomb at Amsterdam airport

Schiphol Airport

Holland's Ministry of Defense scrambled two military fighter jets to escort a Spanish passenger plane amid fears that the aircraft might have been hijacked, but the airline involved denied any trouble, saying the incident was the result of failed communications between the crew and the control tower... Part of Schiphol was already evacuated Wednesday after workers unearthed a suspected World War II bomb near the airport's main terminal.


Armitstead wins GB's first medal

Lizzie Armitstead wins Britain's first medal of the 2012 Olympics as Netherlands' Marianne Vos claims cycling gold.


How to save $705 billion in health costs: Be like the Netherlands

Health Care Spending

If we spent like the Netherlands, the United States would cut $705 billion in health care spending... And here’s some encouraging news: When you look at how the Dutch health care system works, it’s not actually a huge leap from how we’ll deliver care here in the United States when the big pieces of the Affordable Care Act come into effect.


MLB player stabbed to death

A Major League Baseball player was stabbed to death Monday in the Netherlands, police said.


Skype goes down globally again, Microsoft starts wondering if it bought wisely

Uh oh, Skype's experiencing its second big outage in the space of just a couple of weeks, as we're hearing reports from the UK, Netherlands, and yes, even Bulgaria, claiming the online communications service is down. Our own Skype clients are currently unable to move past the "Connecting..." status note, both on Mac OS X and Windows 7.


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