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Heads up! Headless drive-thru prank scares workers

No drive-thru worker is safe from Rahat the Magician Prankster, and this time he has completely lost his head.The latest YouTube video from the veteran of drive-thru pranks features Rahat wearing an outfit that makes it look like his head has been chopped off.


IHT Rendezvous: 'Fragile' Australian Radio Hosts Get Counseling After Nurse's Death

Australian DJs

Anger continued to swirl around a hoax call made to a London hospital by two Australian radio hosts who talked their way past a nurse to get a medical update on Kate Middleton. Three days later, the nurse was found dead in an apparent suicide. But some Australians are also defending the hosts, who are said to be "shattered" by the uproar.


Anger at Australian radio station over royal hoax

The British hospital that fell victim to a prank call from two Australian DJs asking questions about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge condemned the hoax on Saturday, as the radio station behind the prank tried to defend itself against rising anger a day after the nurse who took the call was found dead.


Prank-call radio station suspends ads after nurse's death

An Australian radio station that staged a prank phone call to the hospital where Duchess Kate was being treated has suspended the radio hosts involved and pulled all advertising after a nurse who was fooled by the call was found dead.


Nurse found dead after prank call on Catherine

The nurse who answered a hoax call to the hospital caring for Prince William's pregnant wife, Catherine, has apparently committed suicide, the hospital says.


Global activists gear up for Pussy Riot rallies

Pussy Riot

The global campaign to free Pussy Riot is gaining speed: Supporters of the punk provocateur band mobilize this week in at least a two dozen cities worldwide to hold simultaneous demonstrations an hour before a Russian court rules on whether its members will be sent to prison....


Teen texts cop: 'I hid the body ... Now what?'

A northwest Arkansas teenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number saying she hid a body, but the joke backfired.


PhotoBlog: Inmate prank adds pig to Vermont police cruisers

Vermont State Police Cruiser Decals

A Vermont prison inmate who makes stationery and license plates has gotten the best of the state police by adding the image of a pig to the state decal on their cruisers.


Prank leaves man superglued to public toilet seat at WalMart

Prank leaves man superglued to public toilet seat at WalMart

Police say they would likely file second-degree assault charges if they catch the person who put industrial-strength glue on a public toilet seat at a Maryland WalMart, forcing emergency workers to rescue a man who was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Newark Post reports.


April Fools' Is Good for You

April Fools' Is Good for You

You may not appreciate getting pranked with a whoopee cushion or hot sauce in your food on April Fool’s Day, but a good laugh may be just what the doctor ordered. April is National Stress Awareness Month, and a report from the Society for Vascular Surgery shows kicking it off with laughter can be very beneficial for your vascular health.


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