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Tourists' scary tale: Bloodied by rocks, robbed in Peru

A family vacation in Peru turned into a vicious nightmare for three Americans who say they were brutally attacked by residents of a countryside village. The Jackson, Wyo., residents were abducted while looking for a place to camp for the night. Eventually, they were freed after their captors forced them at gunpoint to sign a document blaming their injuries on a drunk-driving accident.


10 Great Tips For Fun, Easy Family Travel

Expert advice can be hard to come by when it comes to family travel. Many families travel at least once a year for holidays or annual vacations and have their own ways to survive and hopefully thrive.


Travel on the cheap: 5 times to go

If your passport is gathering dust and your suitcase desperately needs a workout, don't throw away thoughts of a thrilling vacation just because your wallet doesn't match your wanderlust.


Topless photos of Kate Middleton may lead to royal lawsuit; Lady Gaga launches perfume inside perfume bottle

Kate Middleton

The royal family is dealing with yet another nude photo controversy, but one of a very different sort. Closer, a French gossip magazine, has published topless photos of Kate Middleton , formally Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, sunbathing on the terrace of a private home in the south of France where she and husband Prince William, formally the Duke of Cambridge, vacationed.


It's time for a kid-free vacation

Imagine a lovely trip to the Caribbean, your favorite mountain retreat or even Disneyland without hordes of children around.


Dad, kid die leaping from cliff to escape Spain wildfire

Spain Wildfire

A French man and one of his three children died after they jumped along with his wife off a 164-foot cliff into the sea to flee a raging wildfire that forced them out of their car just as they were about to cross the Spanish border into France at the end of their vacation, officials said Monday.


Online campaign for bullied bus monitor hits $700,000

Karen Klein

Max Sidorov was so moved by the story of a bullied bus monitor that he started a campaign to raise money to send Karen Klein on vacation. His goal was $5,000. But the campaign had far exceeded that amount when it ended Friday night, raising more than $700,000.

Senh: What does she plan to do with the money? It's more than enough for a vacation. She should just retire on it.


27 must-sees on this incredible planet

Northern Lights

These 27 amazing spectacles may not change your life, but they should change your vacation plans.


Planning a vacation? Here's how hotels ranked for value.

For those you who may have missed it, summer officially started last week, and that means vacations for most people. Vacations, which used to be regarded as a luxury, have become a necessity in today's world.


Americans put saving energy ahead of vacations

Gas Prices

As summer beckons, it seems Americans are thinking more about the stifling cost of energy than about making tracks to the beach....


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