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Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Wiretaps Law

The Supreme Court heard a challenge to a federal law, enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks, that authorized intercepting international communications involving Americans.


US reveals accusations against Secret Service

The government is revealing details of serious allegations since 2004 against Secret Service agents and officers, including claims of involvement with prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, publishing pornography, sexual assault, illegal wiretaps, improper use of weapons and drunken behavior. It wasn't immediately clear how many of the accusations were confirmed to be true....

Senh: Jeez, all we missing anything else here?


'Die Hard' Director Pleads Guilty to Perjury in Wiretap Case

"Die Hard" director John McTiernan pleaded guilty Monday to lying to FBI agents and a judge during the investigation of Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano in a wiretapping case.


Report Says Wiretaps Got Too Little Legal Review

The federal report also says that the effectiveness of the warrantless surveillance program approved by President George W. Bush after the Sept. 11 attacks was unclear.


Wiretap Said to Be Viewed as Serious in Late 2005

Wiretap Said to Be Viewed as Serious in Late 2005

Despite a longstanding policy to alert Congressional leaders quickly if a member could be the target of a security investigation, Alberto R. Gonzales resisted briefing lawmakers on Jane Harman’s wiretap.


Nancy Pelosi Knew About Harman Wiretaps, But Kept Secret to Herself

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's remarks contradict earlier statement on Jane Harman wiretaps.


Spitzer Tapes Unsealed

Judge orders government to make public sealed documents about wiretaps in Spitzer scandal | PHOTOS


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