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Facebook to Develop Own Games


Facebook Inc. and Zynga Inc. are changing the rules of their relationship. In a bid to become less reliant on Facebook, Zynga disclosed in a filing on Thursday that it has amended the terms of its relationship with the world's largest social network so that it can now host its Web games outside of Facebook's platform, among other things. The new agreement also leaves the door open for Facebook to produce its own games and become a direct competitor to Zynga.


The Circle of Ads: Zynga Using Facebook Ads

When I first saw the headline “Facebook Places Ads on Zynga” on The Wall Street Journal, my mind almost fell into an infinite loop. You see, Zynga is already buying ads on Facebook to promote their games. I had thought that headline meant that Facebook is returning the favor by buying ads on Zynga to bring on more users.

Nope.Turns out Facebook is testing out their own ad network on Zynga. Yes, looks like Facebook will be launching an ad network to compete with Google’s Adsense.


Facebook Places Ads on Zynga


Facebook said it has begun placing ads on Zynga's website, another move by the social network to add revenue sources on the heels of its flawed IPO.


SEC Pressed Facebook On Zynga, Instagram And Zuckerberg's Control Pre-IPO

Facebook Lawsuits

Facebook went public just about a month ago, and on Friday the Securities & Exchange Commission released its correspondence with the social network in the months between its initial filing and the May 18 IPO.

Senh: Zynga makes up 19% of Facebook's revenue for 2011: “Please disclose that revenue from ads shown to users using Zynga apps on Facebook was approximately 7% of your revenue for 2011,” reads the April 10 letter from SEC Assistant Director Barbara Jacobs to Facebook CFO David Ebersman, “and that this is in addition to the 12% of your 2011 revenue derived from payments processing fees related to Zynga’s sale of virtual goods and direct advertising purchased by Zynga.”


How Zynga, Facebook and Groupon's Go-To Auditor Rewrites Accounting Rules

This story appears in the May 7 edition of Forbes magazine on page 150. Zynga, Facebook and all use an independent auditor that is simultaneously inventing the rules for social media accounting. Somewhere, Arthur Andersen is shuddering.


Looking For Facebook Love In Zynga Earnings On Tuesday


We will be looking for any signs of an increase in Zynga's average revenue per user for its new games, which is one of the biggest drivers to its stock value, by our estimates.


Zynga Close to Raising $500 Million

Zynga Close to Raising $500 Million

Zynga is close to raising as much as $500 million from a group of investors in a round of financing that could value the maker of CityVille, FarmVille and other popular Facebook games as high as $10 billion.


Social Games Company DeNA Made $336M Last Quarter, Says It's Doing Better Than Facebook

Japanese social games company DeNA is out to take down American rivals Facebook and Zynga.


Facebook And Zynga Enter Into Five Year Partnership, Expand Use Of Facebook Credits

Facebook and Zynga have just announced a five year partnership and the expansion of use of Facebook Credits in Zynga games.

After months of discord, Zynga and Facebook have made peace--- at least for now.


Zynga's FarmVille Expands Beyond Facebook to MSN-ier Pastures

Zynga's FarmVille Expands Beyond Facebook to MSN-ier Pastures

Ready your virtual cattle and the Microsoft branding iron. Zynga announced today that its hit social game FarmVille on Facebook has now launched on Microsoft's MSN Games portal.


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