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MWB Repost: After Scathing Reviews, "Fantastic Four" Tanks

The Thing takes apart a tank in "Fantastic Four"

Oh, man. Here's early Friday box office report on MoviesWithButter.com:


'Life of Pi' a huge gamble for 20th Century Fox

Life of Pi

The movie is sophisticated, not based on a comic book and a tough sell. Still, the studio hopes to defy all odds with Ang Lee's $120-million film about a boy, a tiger and a lifeboat. Many people in Hollywood considered "Life of Pi" to be unfilmable. Now that it's about to hit theaters Wednesday, there's a new question: Can it be profitable?

Senh: This sounds and looks like a very expensive indie. Ang Lee tends to do better when he's not making big budget movies.


New 'Peanuts' Movie in the Works at Fox

Charlie Brown

In the wake of successful cinematic revivals for the Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, the Smurfs, the Chipmunks, and Yogi Bear, 20th Century Fox has announced plans for a new big-screen Peanuts feature.


Darren Aronofsky No Longer Directing The Wolverine

Darren Aronofsky No Longer Directing  The Wolverine

Darren Aronofsky and Twentieth Century Fox today issued the following statements about the director's involvement in the movie, The Wolverine.


Cameron returns to space with 2 'Avatar' sequels

Cameron returns to space with 2 'Avatar' sequels

James Cameron will start writing the scripts for two "Avatar" sequels early next year, aiming to land the first one in theaters four years from now. Executives at 20th Century Fox announced Wednesday that Cameron has settled on two sequels to the blockbuster hit as his next film projects with plans to begin production in late 2011.


Alien Prequel Stalled Over Budget and Rating Disagreement

Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox fight over R rating and a $250 million budget.


Channing Tatum Goes To Space In 'Ion'

Given the $2.7 billion worldwide total hauled in by "Avatar," it's hardly surprising that 20th Century Fox is looking to stay in the sci-fi game. There's no question that James Cameron and Sam Worthington will return to the lush jungles of Pandora at some point, it's just a matter of when.


Cameron Talks Avatar Blu-ray/DVD Releases and Sequel

James Cameron told The Wall Street Journal today that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the Blu-ray and "standard def" DVD for Avatar on Thursday, April 22, which is Earth Day.


'Avatar' passes $300 million mark

'Avatar' passes $300 million mark

Fox pic tops first box office of 2010 -- Twentieth Century Fox's "Avatar" jumped the $300 million mark on New Year's Day--its 15th day in release--grossing an estimated $25 million from 3,461 theaters for a cume of $308.8 million.


'Predators' finds prey

'Predators' finds prey

Adrien Brody is among the actors boarding to star in "Predators," Fox's reboot of the sci-fi franchise.


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