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Senior SEC staffers spent hours at work looking at porn websites

Inquiries of 33 employees find one who was blocked more than 16,000 times in a month from visiting certain sites. He eventually found a way around the agency’s filter.


Obama denies SEC discussed Goldman Sachs charges with White House before public announcement

President Obama said on Wednesday that the Securities and Exchange Commission never discussed civil fraud charges against Goldman Sachs with the White House before they were publicly announced.


S.E.C. Sues Goldman Over Housing Market Deal

S.E.C. Sues Goldman Over Housing Market Deal

In a civil suit filed Friday, the S.E.C. accused the investment bank of securities fraud over a deal in which Goldman profited from bets against products it sold to customers.


Cuomo Sues Bank of America as It Settles With S.E.C.

The attorney general accused the bank and two executives of securities fraud. Meanwhile, the bank settled an S.E.C. claim for $150 million.


Madoff: All SEC Did Before 2006 a 'Waste of Time'

Newly released documents in the Bernard Madoff case paint a detailed picture of a feckless Securities and Exchange Commission, and an epic scam artist who was constantly amazed he did not get caught.


Online retailer Newegg files for $175 million IPO

Online retailer Newegg files for $175 million IPO

Internet retailer Newegg Inc. plans an initial public offering of stock worth up to $175 million, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.


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