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Cells, tablets hotter than TV in bedroom

Smartphone in Bed - CNN

If you fall asleep in bed every night with the TV on, you're apparently a dying breed.
More people now use their tablet or smartphone in the bedroom for late-night video viewing rather than switching on the tube, according to a new survey.


Sleep deprivation has genetic consequences, study finds

Researchers say a lack of sleep affects the function of genes related to stress and cell renewal, possibly contributing to poor health. Doctors know that being chronically sleep-deprived can be hazardous to your health.


Brain Aging Linked to Sleep-Related Memory Decline


A report in Nature Neuroscience suggests that natural physical changes interfere with quality slumber, blunting the ability to remember new information for the long term.


Sleep, Schizophrenia Link Strengthened In Animal Study

Not getting enough sleep could be linked with triggering symptoms among people with schizophrenia, suggests a new animal study published in the journal Neuron.


How lack of sleep can make you fat

Sleep Deprivation

Even a few nights of sleep deprivation, according to a new study, can make your fat cells behave like they're much older and less responsive to the hormone that controls metabolism.


Are you too tired for sex?

It's not surprising why sleep trumps sex: Between work, family, and social obligations, our need for shuteye often suffers.


Lack of sleep increases stroke risk

The findings are the first to link insufficient sleep to stroke; they're also the first to apply even to adults who keep off extra pounds and have no other risk factors for stroke, says Megan Ruiter, lead author of the report. It will be presented Monday at the 26th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Boston.


Learning best when you rest: Sleeping after processing new info most effective


Nodding off in class may not be such a bad idea after all. New research shows that going to sleep shortly after learning new material is most beneficial for recall.


Daylight saving time arrives Sunday morning

Daylight Savings

As if you weren't already sleep deprived, you'll get an hour less shuteye Saturday night no matter what time you turn out the lights. Daylight saving time goes into effect at 2 am Sunday.


Is It a Dream? A Place to Nap at the Airport

Airport Sleep Area

At two airports in the United States and about a half-dozen overseas, travelers have a new option: rooms for rent right in the terminal.

Senh: This could be a lucrative business for the airports, especially for times when flights are delayed or there's a long layover between flights. I'm surprised it took them this long to do this. It's a very convenient service for travelers because restaurants and shops are just a step away.


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