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California struggling to prepare quake early warning system

The state spends a fraction of what countries like Mexico and Japan spend on their systems. One reason for the lack of interest, experts say, is that California has not experienced a catastrophic quake in more than a century. Japan has one.


Officials: At least 40 dead in Mexico prison riot

Prison Riot

A Nuevo Leon state public security spokesman said the riot broke out in a high-security section of a prison in the city of Apodaca.


House memo: Entire goal of Fast and Furious was a failure

Mexican cartel suspects targeted in the troubled gun-trafficking probe were actually working as FBI informants at the time, memo says.


47000 people killed in drug violence in Mexico

Two decapitated bodies were found at the entrance to one of Mexico's most luxurious shopping malls on Wednesday and prosecutors announced that more than 47,000 people have been killed in drug violence in the five years since President Felipe Calderon launched a military crackdown against drug cartels.


6.7 earthquake rocks Mexico City; no tsunami warning for California

Mexico Earthquake

A 6.7 earthquake rocked parts of Mexico -- including Mexico City -- on Saturday evening. But officials said they don't expect the temblor to cause any tsunami warnings along the California coast.


Plot to Smuggle Qaddafi’s Son Into Mexico Disrupted, Officials Say

Saadi Gadhafi

The Mexican government said Wednesday the elaborate plan to bring in Saadi Qaddafi had been uncovered by Mexican intelligence agents and had resulted in the arrest of several conspirators.


Top candidate can't list top 3 books

Pena Nieto

Oops! The leading contender for Mexico's presidency is drawing a torrent of criticism for his inability to name three books that influenced him.


Immigration from Mexico in fast retreat, data show

Immigration from Mexico in fast retreat, data show

Census figures show that fewer people are leaving and many are returning as a lack of jobs in the U.S. and tighter border enforcement dissuade many who might have entered illegally.


Mexican drug cartel tries to silence Internet

Mexico's hyperviolent Zetas drug cartel appears to be launching what may be one of the first campaigns by an organized crime group to silence commentary on the Internet....


Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room

Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room

Phoenix flight attendant on layover in Mexico is found tied up in his hotel room appearing to be strangled.


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