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U.S. gun industry sues to block rifle sales reporting

The gun industry plans to file lawsuits on Wednesday challenging requirements that weapons dealers along the U.S. border with Mexico report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles, escalating the fight with the Obama administration.


Study: Mexico homicides rose 23 percent in 2010

The number of homicides in Mexico rose by nearly a quarter in 2010 as the drug war intensified across the country.


Justice Department trying to shield officials in guns scandal, ATF chief says

Kenneth Melson, the ATF's acting director, claims Justice Department officials refuse to release a telling internal report on the Fast and Furious operation. The Justice Department is trying to protect its political appointees from the Fast and Furious scandal by concealing an internal "smoking gun" report and other documents that acknowledge the role top officials played in the program that allowed firearms to flow illegally into Mexico, according to the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Senh: The Fast and Furious operation? That, in and of itself, is enough for front page coverage.


Drug gangs kidnap cyber pros to hack into banks

It’s not the subplot to a Jerry Bruckheimer movie: drug dealers in Mexico really are kidnapping computer whizzes and forcing them to hack into bank systems and program credit card fraud scams in order to acquire additional funds on top of what they haul in from selling drugs.


Mexico searches for 7 missing in boating accident

Mexican rescuers were scouring the Gulf of California on Tuesday for seven U.S. tourists whose fishing boat capsized two days ago, saying they were extending their search because the missing tourists could still be alive in the warm, calm waters....


Mexico votes, with all eyes on 2012 presidential election

Three governors are elected in voting Sunday, and PRI hopes electoral victories will strengthen its bid to retake the presidency. Millions of Mexicans voted Sunday to elect governors in three states, but the real focus was on Mexico's presidential race next year.


Mexcio 4, U.S. 2: Mexico Rallies to Beat U.S. in Gold Cup Final

Mexcio 4, U.S. 2: Mexico Rallies to Beat U.S. in Gold Cup Final

Pablo Barrera scored two goals and Mexico rallied to beat the United States for their second consecutive Gold Cup title.


Mexico Top Cop, Officers Busted for Aiding Cartel

Mexico Top Cop, Officers Busted for Aiding Cartel

Police say they have arrested 25 drug cartel members or collaborators in central Mexico, including a police chief, two commanding officers and seven agents suspected of aiding traffickers.


A 'new form of slavery' in Mexico

A 'new form of slavery' in Mexico

While an estimated 10,000 women are victims of human trafficking in Mexico's capital, there were only 40 investigations of the crime and three convictions in the city last year, according to a report issued this week.


Viagra Finding a Huge Market in Mexico

Mexico is the largest market for erectile dysfunction in the developing world, with about $200 million in sales every year.


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