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Tweets allow peek at life in NKorea in real time

Dennis Rodman

"Hello world from comms center in (hash)Pyongyang." That Twitter missive, sent Monday from Koryolink's main service center in downtown Pyongyang using my iPhone, marked a milestone for North Korea: It was believed to be the first tweet sent from a cellphone using the country's new 3G mobile data service.


Social Media Predicts the Oscars: It's 'Argo'! No, Wait, Maybe It's 'Les Miz'!


...Two different firms that study social media sentiment, Taykey and General Sentiment, have issued Oscar predictions based on what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. They arrived at totally different conclusions.


Hackers get into Jeep's Twitter account

A Chrysler spokesman says someone hacked into the Jeep brand's twitter account Tuesday afternoon, making false Tweets for about an hour until the company that handles its social media regained control.


Scott Brown explains strange 'Bqhatevwr' messages: I 'pocket tweeted'

Three weeks after tweeting (and then deleting) a series of strange messages, former senator Scott Brown spoke publicly on the tweets for the first time. "Anyone ever hear of pocket tweet, pocket dial? I mean it was pretty simple," Brown told Boston's Fox 25. "I mean, I have an iPhone 5. If anyone has iPhone 5, the keys are small. It's very, very sensitive."


Burger King plans apology after Twitter hack

Burger King said Monday that it reached out to Twitter to suspend its account after an apparent hack.


Hackers Targeted Twitter User Data

Twitter said it had detected "sophisticated" unauthorized attempts to access information from the short-messaging service used by more than 200 million people.


Twitter gives user info to US 69 percent of time

Twitter says it turns over user data to government agencies in the U.S. in 69 percent of the requests made for such information, according to a new transparency report released by the microblogging site.


Nielsen to measure TV talk on Twitter

Spongebob Squarepants

The Twitter haters are losing the war. You know who they are, or, perhaps, who you are. Those who dismiss the snappy social network as the Platonic Non-Ideal of oversharing undercooked ideas, of blurting out what’s better left unsaid.


Meet four social networks bigger than Facebook (in some places)

It seems Facebook's planetary ubiquity is inevitable ... until you take a look at the sheer size ofthose competitors: Total membership of the four major non-U.S. networks total 778 million. Combine that with Twitter's 500 million active users around the globe, and you've got a social horde that eclipses Facebook's.


Facebook, Twitter Spar

The battle lines are sharpening between Facebook and Twitter, as they fight to become the prime hub for photo sharing on the Internet.


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