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Baby X-rayed in luggage; 2 charged

Baby X-Rayed in Luggage

An Egyptian couple has been charged with putting their child at risk and attempted smuggling after security officers at an airport in the United Arab Emirates found their 5-month-old boy hidden in a small handbag.

Senh: The good news is that the baby is ok, but jeez. The wife should have slapped some sense into her idiot husband.


Egyptian parliament reconvenes, defying court and military warnings

Egyptian Parliament

Egypt’s dissolved parliament defied a court order and reconvened Tuesday, escalating the power struggle between the newly elected Islamist president and the military over the political future of a nation still tangled in the legacy of toppled leader Hosni Mubarak.


Morsi Is Sworn In as President of Egypt

Egyptian President Being Sworn In

Mohamed Morsi was formally sworn in on Saturday as Egypt’s first democratically elected president, marking a new stage in an ever murkier struggle to define the future of the nation.


Mohamed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood Declared as Egypt’s President

Egyptian Elections

The chairman of the election commission announced that Mohamed Morsi had won 51 percent of the runoff vote completed last weekend, an ambiguous marker in Egypt’s promised transition to democracy.


Mubarak attorney says health is improving, slams death reports

Hosni Mubarak

The attorney for ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called recent reports of Mubarak's death an "outrageous rumor," saying the former leader was regaining his health.


State media: Egypt's Mubarak suffers stroke

Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's state news agency said Tuesday that Hosni Mubarak has suffered a stroke, and prison officials said he is likely to be moved out of his prison hospital to a military facility nearby....


Egyptians vote in second day of elections; turnout low

Egyptian Elections

Egypt entered its final day of voting on Sunday with very few people going to the polls to choose Hosni Mubarak’s successor under a cloud of apprehension and anticipation. Turnout appeared dismal in a sign of just how polarizing and demoralizing the choice between a military strongman and conservative Islamist is for the Arab World’s most populous nation.


Security Forces Surround Parliament in Egypt, Escalating Tensions

The developments, reported on the Web site of the official newspaper Al Ahram, further escalated tensions over court rulings on Thursday that invalidated modern Egypt’s first democratically elected legislature. Coming on the eve of a presidential runoff, they thrust the nation’s troubled transition to democracy since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak last year into grave doubt.


Doctors use defibrillator on Egypt's Mubarak

Doctors used a defibrillator twice on Hosni Mubarak Monday when they could not find a pulse, the latest health crisis for the ousted Egyptian president since he was sentenced to life and moved to a prison hospital nine days ago, security officials said.


Officials Say Hosni Mubarak’s Health Is Worsening Rapidly

Hosni Mubarak

Interior Ministry officials said on Wednesday that prison authorities are close to a decision to return Hosni Mubarak, the former president, to a hospital outside the penal system.


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