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Former VP Dick Cheney gets new heart device

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who has a long history of heart problems, has had a new heart pump implanted to combat congestive heart failure, he said in a statement on Wednesday.


Dick Cheney Released From Hospital After Heart Trouble

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been discharged from the hospital after his latest bout with heart-related trouble.

Cheney was admitted to George Washington University Hospital on Friday after reporting that he was not feeling well. He underwent testing and ultimately received medication to treat a fluid buildup related to his aggressive form of heart disease.

His office said on Sunday that the former vice president's condition has improved considerably, and he left the hospital as expected on Monday.


Smoke ban 'cutting heart attacks'

There were 1,200 fewer hospital admissions for heart attacks in England in the year after the smoking ban was introduced, a study suggests.


Short people at higher risk of heart problems

Short people at higher risk of heart problems

Short people have a 50 percent higher risk of having a heart problem or dying from one, when compared to tall people, a new study says, though weight, blood pressure and smoking habits remain more important factors.


Study challenges notion that moderate drinking protects heart

People who drink moderately tend to have a higher social status, exercise more, suffer less depression and enjoy superior health overall compared ...


Bret Michaels Suffers a Stroke

The rocker has returned to the hospital, where tests reveal he also has a hole in his heart


Password Tattoos To Keep Pacemakers Safer From Hackers

Password Tattoos To Keep Pacemakers Safer From Hackers

Some pacemakers are accessible wirelessly for reprogramming, but the trouble is that this easy access could be abused maliciously. Sure, passwords would keep the devices safer from such intrusions, but the patient could forget or lose those. Solution? Password tattoos.


DNA tests emerging as weapon against cancer

DNA tests emerging as weapon against cancer

Some experts say the world is on the cusp of a "golden age" of genomics, when a look at the DNA code will reveal your risk of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, and predict which drugs will work for you.


'Good fat' cuts heart risk by 20%

Replacing saturated fats with healthier options can cut the risk of heart disease by a fifth, a US study says.


Live near a freeway? Heart disease risk may be higher

Los Angeles residents living near freeways experience a hardening of the arteries that leads to heart disease and strokes at twice the rate of those who live farther away, a study has found. The paper is the first to link automobile and truck exhaust to the progression of atherosclerosis -- or the thickening of artery walls -- in humans.


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