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2 University of Oklahoma students expelled over racist video

2 University of Oklahoma students expelled over racist video

The University of Oklahoma's president expelled two students Tuesday after he said they were identified as leaders of a racist chant captured on video during a fraternity event.

Senh: Here's the video: (It's hard to make out what the students were chanting though.)


The Value of a Pageview

At any given moment, there are more internet users than there are television watchers or magazine subscribers. According to emarketer, Americans spend a per day average of 5 hours on-line, 4.5 hours watching television, 1.5 hours listening to the radio and half hour reading printed material. Considering that there are about as many internet users per day as there are US households, approximately 110 million, the internet logs more viewing hours.


Twitter moves to hide porn on Vine app

Vine App

Amid concerns over adult content popping up on its new Vine video app, Twitter appeared Tuesday to have restricted how users can share sexually explicit clips.


Wedding brawl: Bride gets 'decked,' guest has heart attack [Video]

Wedding Brawl

A Philadelphia wedding brawl that involved guests from more than one wedding and ended with one man dead of a heart attack was caught on video by a disgruntled hotel guest.


Six girls beat mentally disabled woman, tape attack

A group of teenage girls beat up a mentally disabled woman in Delaware County, Pa., videotaped the attack and posted the clip to Facebook, according to Chester police.


Watch fire-nado stretch into the sky

Fire Tornado

The rising hot air from a fire in Australia make flames rise up like a tornado.



Police officer Tases handcuffed woman

Video from Pittsburgh Co. Sheriff's office shows a woman in handcuffs being tased by a police officer.


NJ mom sues over breast-feeding video-turned-porn

A New Jersey mother is suing a production company after an instructional breast-feeding video she appeared in was taken by a third party and used to create pornography. A federal court judge ruled last week that Maryann Sahoury's lawsuit against the Meredith Corporation could proceed. Sahoury and her 1-month old daughter demonstrated breast-feeding techniques in a 2010 video designed to help new mothers.


Fukushima Videos Shed Light on Chaos in Nuclear Crisis

The released videos offer the first minute-by-minute account of the last-ditch effort to avert what would become the worst nuclear calamity since Chernobyl.


YouTube uploads 72 hours of video a minute


YouTube users are now uploading three days’ worth of video to the site every second — a whole 24 hours more than the site had last year. To celebrate its 7th birthday, Google’s video-sharing site released all-new metrics about itself, including its new upload numbers as well as the fact that subscriptions increased 50 percent in the past year. Another cool fact? The site logs 3 billion hours of viewing time per month.


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