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Collecta Offers A Real-Time View Into MySpace

The buzz around realtime search of social networks has mostly surrounded Twitter and Facebook. Collecta, OneRiot and the search giants, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo all tap into Twitter (and Facebook too) to capture the realtime stream of content. But MySpace is also getting into the game, recently releasing a set of real-time APIs that both OneRiot and Google will be tapping into to provide content from the social network. Today, real-time search engine Collecta has launched a search platform that offers a real-time view into MySpace.


Google Adds Live Updates to Searches

Google Adds Live Updates to Searches

Google will supplement its search results with updates posted each second to sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Salesforce.com Launches Social Enterprise Application at Dreamforce

Salesforce.com launched a social enterprise application here at Dreamforce today that will allow companies to create their own private, social networks and integrate with Twitter, Facebook and other social applications.

Dubbed Salesforce Chatter, the application serves as a secure enterprise collaboration application and social development platform.


Facebook And Twitter's Corporate Problem

Social networking has crept into the enterprise with little oversight.


How to Avoid Malware on Facebook and Twitter: 8 Best Practices

Thanks to the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it's a given that malicious hackers will devise ways to exploit the sites' numerous users in order to infect their computers with malware. This unwanted software is designed to do a number of terrible things ranging from identity theft to turning computer into remote-controllable "zombie" machines.


Time For A Social Networking Shakeout

Get ready for a rash of new business models and the consolidation of old ones.


Web 2.0 Summit: Bing Wins Facebook, Twitter Partnerships

Microsoft has struck non-exclusive search deals with Facebook and Twitter to integrate real-time status updates and tweets into Bing's search results. Microsoft online services division president Qi Lu and Yusuf Mehdi ...


45% employers use Facebook-Twitter to screen job candidates

As social networking grows increasingly pervasive, more employers are utilizing these sites to screen potential employees.


Facebook Grew Twice As Fast As Twitter In July

If it wasn't bad enough that Facebook bought FriendFeed on Monday and turned on real-time search to better compete against Twitter in the Stream Wars, and is playing around with a lite version that resembles Twitter even more, now Twitter really has something to worry about. Facebook is growing faster than Twitter in the U.S., even though it is more than four times larger.


The Cost Of FriendFeed: Roughly $50 Million In Cash And Stock

Everyone is obviously talking about the Facebook/FriendFeed deal, but everyone wants to know one key detail: How much did Facebook pay?


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