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Baby food shortage in Europe due to China demand

Baby Food - AP

Yong-Hee Kim still can't believe that in a prosperous country like Germany, powdered baby formula would ever be rationed and that she would have to scour shops in the German capital to find the right brand for her 13-month-old son.


2nd arrest in alleged rape of 5-year-old

Rape Protest in India - CNN

Indian police have arrested a second man in connection with the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl in New Delhi, a police spokesman said Monday. The second suspect is accused of being an accomplice in the case, which has prompted protests in the streets of New Delhi. He is being transferred to New Delhi from Bihar state in eastern India for questioning and DNA tests, said Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat.


Video: Girl gets head stuck between walls

Watch firefighters rescue a 6-year-old girl who accidentally jammed her head between two walls in China.


Mystery disease kills 61 kids in Cambodia

Health officials in Cambodia are searching for the cause of a mystery disease that has killed more than 60 children over the past three months, the World Health Organization said Thursday.


Chinese couples come to U.S. to have children through surrogacy


China does not permit surrogate parenting, but that country's rising affluence has given many couples the option of using U.S. surrogacy clinics. Americans have long gone to China to adopt babies.


Abandoned Cambodian boy suckles from cow

Abandoned Cambodian boy suckles from cow

A Cambodian man says his young grandson has lived partly on milk he suckles directly from a cow since the boy's parents left their rural village in search of work.


URGENT: Malaysian Man Holds 30 Kids, Teachers Hostage in Kindergarten

A man carrying a machete barged into a Malaysian kindergarten and held children and teachers hostage for six tense hours Thursday before police shot him in the head. Police said the 30 children and four teachers were not harmed.


Kids in Japan to get radiation meters

Kids in Japan to get radiation meters

Officials of Japan's hard-hit Fukushima city will begin handing out radiation measuring devices to 34,000 children in a plan to help calm fears about radiation.


Canadian Catholic Bishop Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography

A former Roman Catholic bishop in Nova Scotia has pleaded guilty to trying to import child pornography after he was arrested in 2009 returning from a trip to Thailand.


Post-attacks, Chinese schools reopen with guards

Flashing police cars guarded Beijing schools Tuesday and officers in another city were told they could shoot to kill to stop ...


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