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Depressed son stonewalls parents desperate to help

DEAR ABBY: Our son, "Adam," is 24 and lives at home.


Minor needs notarized parental OK in Mexico

Q: My wife and I are planning to visit Cancun, Mexico, in February and are taking our niece and her best friend, both 17. I am getting a lot of different information about what documentation we need. They both have U.S. passports.


How to get kids to eat their veggies

How to get kids  to eat their veggies

A recent survey conducted for Green Giant found that 25 of every 100 parents think it is more likely for their child to become president than to eat their recommended daily amount of vegetables (1 cup for toddlers, 2 to 3 cups for older children).


Self-esteem, obesity and kids' grades

Children's body weight, self-esteem and academic performance would seem to be inextricably linked, but it has always been something of a chicken-and-egg proposition: Which came first? Can being overweight drag down a child's self-esteem badly enough to affect grades? Or...


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