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Video: Lies parents tell their kids

"Jeopardy!" champ Ken Jennings' new book, "Because I Said So!", breaks down common myths parents tell their children.


New Charter Schools Thrive in Harlem, but Some Parents Are Feeling Left Out

Harlem parents have been expressing frustration at the still limited number of high-quality choices in the city’s push to add charter schools in the neighborhood.


Back-to-school gives retailers a good August

Back-to-School Sales

Most retailers, including Costco Wholesale Corp and Limited Brands Inc , posted better-than-expected sales gains at existing stores in August, in what is expected to be a healthy month as parents and students wrapped up back-to-school purchases.


Baby X-rayed in luggage; 2 charged

Baby X-Rayed in Luggage

An Egyptian couple has been charged with putting their child at risk and attempted smuggling after security officers at an airport in the United Arab Emirates found their 5-month-old boy hidden in a small handbag.

Senh: The good news is that the baby is ok, but jeez. The wife should have slapped some sense into her idiot husband.


Stay-At-Home Parents Choose to Start Businesses Instead of Returning to Work


Some families where either the mom or dad decided to stay at home with their kids during the early years have decided against going back to the corporate craziness and instead are choosing entrepreneurship.


School-run mums set up fight on Facebook and brawled at 9am after dropping off their children

Joanna McVey, 25, and Lorraine Couper, pictured, 30, fought near Dunblane Primary School after an online dispute. McVey warned Couper that she should bring an AK47 rifle with her for the cat fight.

Senh: Mother of the year material.


Teacher limits kids' bathroom trips: 3 per week

Limit On Bathroom Breaks During Class

Parents at a Brooklyn elementary school are furious over a fifth-grade teacher’s bathroom policy that prohibits students from jetting to the john more than three times a week.


'Most wanted' fugitive spotted on school field trip

Donald Vasser

The Seattle School District is investigating how a fugitive from the law ended up on a school field trip Wednesday afternoon. A fellow parent recognized the man, Donald Vasser, from the TV show "Washington's Most Wanted," and police were called in.

Senh: Good thing a parent recognized him or something would have happened to one or more of those kids.


Outrage in China after toddler run over

Outrage in China after toddler run over

Gruesome footage of a toddler falling victim to two successive hit-and-run accidents and then ignored by many passers-by at the scene last week in southern China continued to galvanize the nation Monday, prompting a fierce debate on the state of morality in Chinese society.

Senh: This is just really sad. The hospital said she's already brain-dead. This incident also reminds you that you just can't EVER leave a toddler out of your site. Not for even a minute. They are naturally curious. This is not to put the blame on the parents, but just a reminder. The real blame is on the two drivers who ran her over and didn't stop to check up on her. I can't believe the passersby didn't do anything either.


Parents Launch Campaign To Teach Kids How To Code

Parents Launch Campaign To Teach Kids How To Code

With hack days and e-petitions they're pushing for education to keep up with the digital economy. People of an older vintage tend to balk when they see seven-year-olds blithely reprogramming their TV sets, or changing the background on their smartphones. But a few among them believe kids have even more potential when it comes to software — they can actually create programs, if they’re only taught how.

Senh: Yeah, it'll interesting to see what happens if kids grow up knowing how to write software programs, like how they grow up knowing how to write sentences.


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