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The rumors are true: Perez Hilton really is kinder and gentler

Once the most hated gossip blogger in Hollywood, he's toned down the nastiness and seeks 'good energy' for his baby boy. The new approach hasn't hurt his popularity. The sleek man at the door bears no resemblance to the chubby pink-haired troublemaker whose snarky website made him as famous as the celebrities he loved to torment with nicknames like Sluttyienna (Sienna Miller), Potato Head (Rumer Willis) or Maniston (Jennifer Aniston)


Clashes over Bangladesh bloggers

At least four people die in Bangladesh as police clash with Islamists protesting against bloggers they accuse of blasphemy.


Is China's mystery blogger Xi Jinping himself?

A mystery blogger who appears to have close access to the daily activities of China's new leader may be the leader himself, say China watchers. The blog "Study Xi Fans Group" has posted pictures of Communist Party Secretary General Xi Jinping's trip to northwest China along with detailed updates about his busy schedule.


Can Tumblr’s David Karp Embrace Ads Without Selling Out?

The design of Tumblr, the blogging tool and social network, is guided by feeling. In particular, the feelings of David Karp, the company’s 26-year-old founder, whose instincts tend to run counter to current Web conventions. Tumblr does not display “follower” counts, for example, or other numerical markers of popularity that are viewed as crucial social-media features, because Karp finds them “really gross.” The culture of public friend-and-follow reciprocity that theoretically expands a social networking service can, in his view, “really poison a whole community.”


Google Docs Now Has A Research Sidebar

Google Docs: Research

While writing the Cannes article, I noticed that there was a Research bar on the right side of Google Docs. Right now, you can search the web, images, and quotes and filter the results by usage rights. The listings are neatly formatted according to the width of the sidebar.

That’s actually pretty handy. I started using it immediately. I was looking up the cast for Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom.” The four leads were listed in one of the results, so I just copy-and-pasted it into my document. When you click on one of the results on the sidebar, it opens into a new window.


Posterous Finds A Home In The Arms Of Twitter


Twitter just announced that it has acquired Posterous, the YCombinator-backed blogging and sharing platform that competed early on with Tumblr.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.


Google to censor Blogger blogs by country


Google says some blogs on Blogger, its blogging platform, will be blocked on a "per country basis," in order to comply with "removal request" laws of nations where freedom of speech is not cherished or allowed.

Senh: Google's following in the footsteps of Twitter.


Google News Inclusion

MoviesWithButter on Google News

Because Binh, Popcorn, and I had been blogging for months for Movies With Butter (a.k.a. MWB), we decided to apply for inclusion in Google News. I tried applying for Wopular, but I didn’t make the cut because they don’t accept one man shops. With MWB, we have three and because of that, we made the cut.


A $2.5 Million Libel Judgment Brings the Question: Are Bloggers Journalists?

Crystal Cox Blogging Lawsuit

That was the headline on a conservative blog following a $2.5 million judgment this month against blogger Crystal Cox in a defamation case tried in federal court in Oregon. It’s a case followed closely in both the blogosphere and in the traditional media, as it highlights the proliferation of blogging, the blurring of lines between journalists and bloggers and more libel cases born out of blog posts.


Posterous Is Now 'Spaces,' A Photo-Focused App For Private Sharing

Start-up Posterous, best known for its simple blogging service via email, has revamped the company around a new product called Posterous Spaces, which is designed to help people easily privately share photos and videos with friends or family.


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